Running WriteFreely on FreeBSD

This site is a WriteFreely site, running on FreeBSD 12. As it happens, making WriteFreely fly on FreeBSD was more problematic than I expected.

To quote my own README:

The trick is that their ActivityPub implementation is a beast to build. I've never had the go complier get hit by the OOM killer before so that was special.

I tried cross-compiling the app on my Linux laptop but the app requires cgo. Go's usual cross-compilation magic doesn't apply. WriteFreely's release process builds binaries for Linux, Windows, and Mac via xgo. xgo, in turn, requires docker and a huge docker image. Fuck that.

I ended up throwing it into my beefy HardenedBSD server. The build process chewed 3GB of RAM and most of 8 cores.

To maybe help someone else, I'm publishing the binary I built and the startup script I wrote over at

The binary was built on HardenedBSD 11 with go 1.11 and I'm running it on FreeBSD 12.

I'll keep the repo up to date as new releases occur.